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In legend, there is said to be a staff that has the power to create abundance, get rid of disease and starvation. This staff is said to be hidden away in another realm full of monster, mazes and traps. This place is known as Abyrinthus. No one, who has gone into Abyrinthus has come back out. They either got lost within the mazes or killed by the monsters and traps within them. Today Abyrinthus ceases to be legend and you become a hero. Once you enter Abyrinthus there is no going back. You only have two options: Go through or die. Safe travels, warrior.

This is a FPS, Dungeon Crawler, Maze game that utilizes the classic FPS gameplay style.

This is going to be a single player and co-op game. I'm going to make it possible for 4 people to play at once because co-op is fun. Local co-op will be implemented first and then online later.

I'm shooting for 10 to 12 levels max, but don't let those numbers fool you into thinking this game will be quick. You do have to traverse through mazes which will get bigger and more tricky as you go through the game.

There are no rebindable keys at the moment, but I'll try not to leave that feature out for too long.

I am in early alpha stage right now.

This is being built with the Unity Engine for windows only right now.

Controls: Don't fiddle with the input in the splash screen.

WASD = Movement

Mouse = Look

LMB = Attack

C = Next Weapon

Z = Previous Weapon

E = Action

V = Change Item

Q = Use Item

Gameplay Footage: Obsolete at the moment.

Sorry the update took longer than expected. Ran into problems as per usual. It's up now so check it out

Next update will be next Sunday or sometime this week or next week depending on what problems come up.

Feedback is welcome, don't be shy to let me know what you think so far.


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